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In Good Hands: The life of Dr Sam Stening, POW
In Good Handsis the biography of Surgeon Lieutenant Commander Samuel ‘Sam’ Stening, DSC, Royal Australian Naval Reserve.A paediatrician, like his three brothers Sam joined the services at the outbreak of war. He chose the RAN and served in the Indian Ocean and then in the famous ‘Scrap Iron Flotilla’ in the Mediterranean, where his ship, the Waterhen, was sunk in June 1941. Posted to the cruiser Perthfor her final deployment to Java and sinking in Sunda Strait on 1 March 1942, although wounded, Sam found himself plunged into the POW doctoring experience upon his rescue by a Japanese destroyer.This was only the start of a gruelling three and a half years of captivity, during which he served in eight POW camps in Japan. With few medical supplies, his ingenuity, and some surprising help from Japanese civilians, Sam battled the effects of extreme weather, constant punishment, overwork, starvation, and disease on his patients.After liberation, physically and mentally exhausted by his experiences, Sam drew on the strength of his wife Olivia and the support of his family to re-establish himself in paediatrics, and rose to the top of his profession. A stalwart of the Women’s Hospital in Crown Street, where an intensive care ward was named after him, and of the Royal Alexandra Hospital for Children, Sam helped gain professional respect for his specialty, establishing it as a ‘proper’ field of medicine, until his death in 1983.Bellona, an imprint of Publish-Me!
Published: February 2012
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In Good Hands
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Other publications by Ian Pfennigwerth

A Man of Intelligence

A biography of the Australian code breaker Captain Eric Nave, a principal breaker of Japanese naval codes from 1925.

Detailed Description

Sydney: Rosenberg Publishing, 2006
ISBN: 9781877058417
Price: AU$25.00*

Email : orders@nautilushistory.com.au

The Australian Cruiser Perth, 1939-1942

The wartime exploits of one of the RAN’s best ships.

Detailed Description

Sydney: Rosenberg Publishing, 2007
ISBN: 9781877058523
Price: AU$25.00*

Email : orders@nautilushistory.com.au

Tiger Territory: The Untold Story of the Royal Australian Navy in Southeast Asia from 1948-1971

“It was certainly [a book] which needed to be written. I have no hesitation in recommending it to sailors and other vets from that era.”

Traces the Australian naval involvement in Malaya/Malaysia and Singapore from ANZAM in 1948 to the post-Confrontation Five Power Defence Arrangements

Detailed Description

Sydney: Rosenberg Publishing, 2008
ISBN: 9781877058653
Price: AU$25.00*

Email : orders@nautilushistory.com.au

The RAN and General MacArthur

A history of the RAN’s contribution to General MacArthur’s drive up the New Guinea coast to the Philippines and Borneo.

Detailed Description

Sydney: Rosenberg Publishing, 2009
ISBN: 9781877058837
Price: AU$35.00*

Email : orders@nautilushistory.com.au

The Naval Heritage of Port Stephens

Traces the naval influence on the discovery, development and preservation of Port Stephens NSW.

Detailed Description

Nelson Bay: Royal Volunteer Coastal Patrol, 2007

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* All prices are exclusive of AU$7.00 charge for postage and handling to Australian addresses (except Newcastle/Port Stephens). Postage and handling charges to overseas addresses are AU$19.00